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Software Architecture

A WorkplaceX application consists of two applications:

  • Command Line Interface (CLI) Application (Launched with the wpx command)
  • Web Application

The CLI application class name is AppCliMain and derives from Framework.Cli.AppCli. The CLI application contains for example the (*.sql) scripts to deploy for a new installation. The CLI application manages everything from configuration to build and compile to deployment.

The web application class name is AppMain and derives from Framework.Json.AppJson. Indicating that a WorkplaceX web application is nothing more than a json object.

Start CLI Application and Web Application

The cli application can be launched from command prompt with


The web application can be launched from command prompt with:

wpx start

Both applications can also be started from Visual Studio:



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WorkplaceX is an initiative to simplify and standardize the development of business applications. It is based on ASP.NET Core, Angular, Bootstrap, Bulma and SQL Server.

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