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Command Line Interface (CLI)

Provides all commands for application development. Start the CLI with the following command. Make sure you are in a WorkplaceX application root directory.


List of CLI commands:

  • build (Build Angular client and ASP.NET Core server)
  • config (Read and write config. For example ConnectionString for DEV, TEST)
  • deploy (Deploy app to Azure)
  • deployDb (Deploy sql database by running scripts)
  • env (Switch environment for example between DEV and PROD)
  • generate (Generate CSharp code classes from sql database schema)
  • start (start application. localhost:5000)
  • test (run all unit tests)

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WorkplaceX is an initiative to simplify and standardize the development of business applications. It is based on ASP.NET Core, Angular, Bootstrap, Bulma and SQL Server.

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