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WorkplaceX framework provides several different features out of the box. Features are like building blocks to build great things. They need to be of good quality and fit nicely together.


Feature Examples

Some important features are:

  • Config - Environment configuration for DEV, TEST and PROD.
  • Integrate - Read data back from database and store data in C# source code.
  • Blob - Read data back from database and store binary data like images in files along with other data.
  • Deploy - Deploy whole application with one command line command.
  • Markdown - Markdown language parser supporting custom syntax elements.
  • Excel - Data grid Excel export and import.
  • ExternalGit - Pack and build multiple applications on different repos into one ASP.NET Core application.


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WorkplaceX is an initiative to simplify and standardize the development of business applications. It is based on ASP.NET Core, Angular, Bootstrap, Bulma and SQL Server.

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