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Markdown Parser (Feature)

The framework comes with a markdown (*.md) text parser. It contains a superset of:

Additionally the parser supports custom syntax elements such as:

  • (Note) to display a yellow note.
  • (Youtube) to display a youtube film.

Markdown to Html

Markdown (*.md) text can be transformed into (*.html) with the following function:

string html = UtilFramework.TextMdToHtml(textMd);

List of Supported Markdown Syntax Elements

The following syntax elements are parsed interpreted:

    # Title Level 1
    ## Title Level 2

Font Bold

Font Italic

    * Bullet 1
    * Bullet 2


    ` ` `csharp (Without spaces!)
    int a = 0;   
    ` ` `

Note (Custom Syntax)
    Text shown in a yellow note.

Youtube (Custom Syntax)
    (Youtube Link="")

Custom Syntax Elements

It's possible to further extend the md syntax parser and define new custom elements. All source code of lexer and syntax parser is in file: Framework/Framework/UtilDoc.cs


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